Saturday, December 3, 2011

[Fox News] Apple's Siri Is Not Anti-Abortion

If you plan to Siri, the assistant to Apple's iPhone voice 4S, as well as pro-life label, then you have to call her a racist and ethnocentric.
Yesterday evening I saw Steven Colbert clips to know the cultural differences is the Syrians. This prompted me to ask Siri, a kilt local save me. You could not do it. I do not think it was because it has a program to prevent me from wearing kilts. (Although it would be fair if they did.) Simply can not process this information.
Find the most recent history of Syrian inability to have an abortion clinic in New York City is one of the most successful technology stories in the recent past. This has led to spread pro-choice activist outrage and accusations of the Apple device with a conservative agenda. In my opinion this is a stretch.

While there are things that the Syrians will not participate, are sworn in as, I do not think that this failure means that the device has a political stance on a woman's right to choose.
Apple claims that this inability, because of the service in beta that is true. Syrians can only provide information from a limited number of resources, including Yelp, Google Maps, and Wolfram Alpha. The only one of these databases, you want to know anything about the local abortion clinics, Google Maps and even this is not foolproof. Google Maps will take you directly to women's health clinics, searching for "abortion clinics" and not all women's health centers provide pregnancy termination.
Syrians do not require other specific medical assistance.
"I need an enema," I explained to the device to test this theory.
"Ok," she said. That's all he said. "Ok". Siri is against intestinal health?
Siri is not a search engine. This is a portal for research in a finite number of resources.
When I ask the Syrians, "Web Search" to abortion clinics, they could do and find local resources through Google Maps. So the outrage is that it can not do this natively. But once again, is not a search engine and can not look at one of the parties to the enema. Because hospitals are not always the name of their successes in the title or meta data. There are hats enema. Abortions or R Us.
While the notion of singularity with a social agenda is scary, actually, I do not think this is the anecdote to jump on. Especially since Apple has stated that the company together in later versions of the program.
There are many players to go wild if you really want to get into a debate pro-life/pro-choice. Real players. Real people. With real agendas. Siri is none of these things. PDF version

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