Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[PC Magazine] Can Google Compete Against Siri With Alfred?

by Chloe Albanesius @ PC Magazine

Google on Tuesday added to its acquisition arsenal with a company whose technology might take on Apple's Siri voice assistant.

The search giant purchased CleverSense, which developed Alfred, an app the company has designated as "your personal robot."

And while you can't speak to Alfred like you can with Siri, the app provides recommendations on restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and clubs based on your preferences, location, and other factors, eventually "learning" what you like over time.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

[PC Magazine] Is Google Chrome the New IE6?

by Michael Muchmore @ PC Magazine

Google Chrome

Let me tell you about a browser. An innovative browser that was the first to implement new Web technologies that allowed for greater interactivity. A browser with a striking new interface. Chrome? No: Internet Explorer 6.

There's a reason that Microsoft's browser took over 95 percent of the Web browser market from Netscape (Firefox's ancestor): IE6 could do things earlier browsers could not. There was dynamic HTML, CSS, and yes, it even had new security features.

But over the years, problems with all these unique capabilities reared its ugly head. Every major Web site started to target IE, to the point that the sites didn't function correctly or fully in other browsers.

Fast forward to 2011. The hot new browser is Google's Chrome, which has just overtaken former indie darling Firefox in global market share, according to StatCounter. Chrome can do things that no other browser can do, and Google now targets Chrome exclusively, meaning some Google sites only function fully when viewed in Chrome. Even today, you can read on the Google blog about some new Angry Birds levels that only work in Chrome.

[Fox News] Apple's Siri Is Not Anti-Abortion

If you plan to Siri, the assistant to Apple's iPhone voice 4S, as well as pro-life label, then you have to call her a racist and ethnocentric.
Yesterday evening I saw Steven Colbert clips to know the cultural differences is the Syrians. This prompted me to ask Siri, a kilt local save me. You could not do it. I do not think it was because it has a program to prevent me from wearing kilts. (Although it would be fair if they did.) Simply can not process this information.
Find the most recent history of Syrian inability to have an abortion clinic in New York City is one of the most successful technology stories in the recent past. This has led to spread pro-choice activist outrage and accusations of the Apple device with a conservative agenda. In my opinion this is a stretch.